Stuffed Animal Illustration

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Know someone who has an especially loved stuffed animal pal, lovie, baby blanket or most played with toy you would like see cherished in a very unique way?? I'm now accepting commissions to create a one of a kind, original illustration featuring the remembered, the loved, the tattered and the broken in Stuffed Lovies to hang on your wall. 

Your art will come 7x10 fully matted in an 11x14 professionally hand made custom frame to compliment the Lovie Image for only $150. shipping not included.

To make this deal even sweeter.... 

Any participant in this project in the next 6 months will get 50% OFF a hardcover book featuring the art from this project and a small blurb from each of the children (or adults) that the corresponding Lovie belongs to!
My contribution to the world as sort of an 'Ode to Childhood, and the focus of staying young at heart!" 

Multiple 'Lovies' in one illustration available for extra fee. Other sizes available as well. Please contact me with any questions!